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The Royal Marines Band Service

Music making of one form or another has always been an integral part of the official and social life of the Royal Navy.

The high standards of musical and ceremonial performance associated with Royal Marines Bands and Orchestras are not easily achieved. From the day a musician joins the service to the time of retirement, the School of Music is regarded as his “Spiritual Home”. This constant affinity with the activities of the School has created a unique family atmosphere in the Royal Marines Band Service, perhaps unsurpassed in any other branch of the naval service.

The original Royal Marines Band Service was founded in 1903 with its headquarters being located at The Royal Navy School of Music. Its purpose was to provide service bands and musicians for the Royal Navy. The job of forming the School of Music was given to the Royal Marines and from then on the Band Service became an integral part of the Corps.

Until 1930 the home of the Band Service was Eastney Barracks in Portsmouth. It then transferred to the Royal Marines Depot at Deal in Kent where it remained until the outbreak of World War II. It then moved frequently firstly to Malvern, then the Isle of Man, then Scarborough, on to Burford and back to Deal in 1950. More recently, in 1996 the Royal Marines School of Music moved to HMS Nelson at Portsmouth, where it is still based today.

The high standards of music and ceremonial performance of the Royal Marines Bands are the result of a unique training period at the Royal Marines School of Music.

During the two years and eight months of training that musicians initially undergo at the School of Music, young men and women work with their allocated music professors to improve their skills and in many cases learn new instruments as the requirement for string players for the orchestra is great. If you are a euphonium player, for example, you will also need to play the cello. This 'double instrument' training is regarded by many as an excellent way for a musician to become more proficient as it gives a different insight into music and helps make the players in The Royal Marines Bands some of the finest in the world today.

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